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Rahul Harak

Editor and Writer in , worked in multiple technology companies as a Senior Software Engineer with his main focus area being Database Development , Pune.

Top 17 New Technology Trends for 2023

Listed Below Are the Top New Technology Trends, 2023. 1. Computing Power 2. Smarter Devices 3. Datafication 4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning 5. Extended Reality 6. Digital Trust 7. 3D Printing 8. Genomics 9. New Energy Solutions 10. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 11. Edge Computing 12. Quantum Computing …

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Microsoft acquires 25 acres in Pune, India

According to two people with direct knowledge of the situation, Microsoft Corporation, a software giant based in the United States, intends to construct a massive hyperscale data center in Pune as part of its multi-city data center strategy for India Through an agreement with Finolex Industries to transfer the long-term …

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